5 Reasons to Partner with ReelGOLF™


Creating Memories

Golfers at all levels can now capture on-course moments in a personalized video, automatically, with little to no effort. Courses can deepen the connection between the course and its golfers by offering the opportunity to record on-course experiences with ReelGOLF’s patented autonomous video technology. When playing a ReelGOLF™ course, everyday golfers can access video footage of their golf shots as if they were a PGA® Tour Pro featured on the Golf Channel®, CBS Sports®, or NBC Sports®, while preserving that memory forever.


Record and Share

For the first time, everyday golfers can easily record a PGA-inspired video of their on-course golf experience. No shaky handheld phones that can only record a player’s swing while holding up the round. With a simple scan of our QR Golf™code located near the tee box, ReelGOLF™’s smart cameras locate the golfer on the tee box, record their golf shot,, and deliver it to the golfer minutes. Players can then view their video and post it on social media.


Find that Hole-in-One!

On average, it takes about 3.500 shots to make a Hole-In-One, and more Hole-in-Ones are made by mid-handicappers (14) than any other group of golfers. With ReelGOLF™, your Hole-In-One can now be seen. Everyday golfers can now capture and showcase their shot of a lifetime!


Signature Holes

Every course has that hole ...the one every player wants to ace or birdie. With ReelGOLF™, courses can effectively promote signature holes without having to create a drone flyover, or hole layout. As golfers share videos of their golf experiences, the course and its signature holes are promoted through organically created video, ...created and shared every day, with every shot.

The course is ready, and the golfers are’s time to show it off your signature hole to the world!


Social Media Reach

A golf course’s social media reach can be created on the course, every day, with every round of golf played. Using the ReelGOLF™ solution, golf courses can now extend their social media reach as their players promote their course, and its signature holes, organically through the player's social media networks. Giving your players a way to promote your brand is what ReelGOLF™ was designed to do.

Growing the Game

With every scan of our QR Golf™ code, on-course experiences are created, captured, shared, and remembered forever. The greatest stories in golf happen on the course every day, and with ReelGOLF™, the memories on your course can be captured, shared, and seen!

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