Growing the Game

With every scan of our QR Golf™ code, on-course experiences are created, captured, shared, and remembered forever. The greatest stories in golf happen on the course every day, and with ReelGOLF™, the memories on your course can be captured, shared, and seen!


Getting Started How to become a ReelGOLF™ course

We begin with a partnership. With every course we engage, we create a bond with the course, the staff, the players, and the Pros. ReelGOLF™’s success is fueled by our partner courses! We recognize that your course is your most valuable asset, and work closely with your golf professionals and course administrators to ensure ReelGOLF™ is engaging your players and showcasing your signature holes.

In a short period of time, our installation team can install the ReelGOLF™ autonomous videography system with minimal effort. No back-end server integration, or new Wifi or Telecom services are required. ReelGOLF™ was designed as plug-and-play solution. TheReelGOLF™ team manages the design, installation, daily monitoring, and maintenance of the system. Contact ReelGOLF™ now, and let the world see your course like never before!


Why ReelGOLF™

5 Reasons to Partner with ReelGOLF™


Creating Memories


Record and Share




Signature Holes


Social Media Reach

Show off your course

With a simple scan of the ReelGOLF™ QRGolf™ code located near the tee box, our smart cameras locate your players on the tee box, record their shots and send their videos to them within minutes. Each video is customized to include your course’s name and logo to grow your brand. Using the ReelGOLF™ App, your players can view their video, post it to social media, and connect with one of your local teaching Pros to get a complimentary golf tip or schedule a golf lesson.


Signature Par 3’s

You manicure this hole more than any other on your course. More water, more fertilizer, more grooming. It’s one of the reason’s golfer’s come to your course. So why not showcase it in a way that drives players to your course, while allowing them to keep the memory of that experience. ReelGOLF™ uses our multi-view autonomous videographer to ensure we capture the entire shot, tee to green.

Social media strategy, made easy

Social media strategies can be challenging for golf courses. A golf course’s greatest assets are the course itself and it’s players. ReelGOLF™ makes it easy for players to share their on-course experiences across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube

Imagine if your course could be seen by over 1M viewers each year? With ReelGOLF™ it can. ReelGOLF™ provides the technology that allows your players to organically promote your course, your brand, and your signature holes. Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your social media marketing goals.